Training & Tech Support

Our trained staff can offer advise, training and assistance in all aspects of COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health), CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) and Risk Assessment to you and your staff, at no additional cost when you purchase your cleaning chemicals from us.

We offer free advice and training on:

  • COSHH Basics
  • COSHH Assessment
  • COSHH Training Certification
  • Safety Date Sheets
  • Risk Assessments
  • CLP
  • Hazard Labels

Our training ensures that your staff work safely and responsibly. COSHH Training ensures cleaning staff will always be able to read the label, use the correct products and comply with dosing guidelines. Our training will help your cleaning staff achieve professional results, safely and cost effectively. Our commitment to your training is paramount to ensure we safeguard our industry and support our customers in the operation of their businesses.

We can offer you and your staff COSHH training suitable to your needs with this being supported by many of the world's leading manufacturer's.

In hand with our major suppliers we can offer a programme of technical support, ranging from equipment installation & maintenance through to the provision of training and include a wide range of support materials. This information will cover all of the possible concerns and issues you may have with the use of cleaning and hygiene equipment and products in your workplace.

We can advise in the following areas:

  • personal care
  • paper products
  • wipers & cloths
  • housekeeping
  • cleaning & sanitising
  • dusting & sweeping
  • floor care
  • kitchen hygiene
  • catering
  • laundry
  • waste management
  • window cleaning
  • personal protective equipment
  • hygiene cleaning system equipment

We can also offer Technical Support guides and advice where you will find information on all aspects of cleaning. Here at HSL we know that it's one thing to have the correct cleaning products, but if you're not using them correctly then you won't be getting the best results. We can offer advice on items such as:

  • general cleaning
  • interior spring cleaning
  • kitchen cleaning
  • laundry cleaning
  • washroom cleaning
  • bedroom cleaning
  • floor cleaning
  • carpet & rug cleaning
  • furniture cleaning
  • upholstery & leather cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • first aid care
  • hand care
  • health care
  • pet cleaning & pest control
  • odour control
  • exterior cleaning & bbq cleaning
  • vehicle cleaning
  • office cleaning
  • natural cleaning products
  • homemade cleaning products
  • legionella information

We are fully supported by many of the major janitorial and hygiene product manufacturers to assist us in ensuring that you are achieving the best results in the most cost effective manner. Contact us now to find out how we can help and support you.